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Isis video slot is one of the 4 tiers in the Mega Moolah series. It has a progressive jackpot which always starts on 1 million after it paid out. It offers free spins, multipliers and an additional Gamble game at the end of each win. You can win up to 90 000 coins in the base game, and the lucky spin of the fortune wheel for the accumulating jackpot can be triggered any time during gameplay.

The symbols are all related to ancient Egypt, except the cards from 9 to Ace. Isis was one of the most beloved goddesses in Egypt. She was a great magician and is famous for the use of her magical skills. She created the first cobra and used its venomous bite to coerce Re into revealing his secret name. In this slot she acts as the wild and substitute. 5 Of her on any enabled payline will reward you with 10 000 coins.

For free spin bonus games, you will need the Kite symbol, which is the scatter, on 3 or more reels. It is the theory of a Caltech aeronautics professor that Egyptians could have used kites to move the stone blocks into place when they built the pyramides. Up to 30 free spins multiplied by 5 can be won during this game.

The Crown of Horus is another symbol worth mentioning. Horus is the son of Isis, and his father died when he was still a baby. His crown is in a red part, the Lower Egypt, and a white part, the Upper Egypt. Horus had a hawk’s head.

The Eye of Horus is also a symbol in this 5 reel slot. His eye was healed after he was blinded in a battle. The blue Lotus flower opens in the morning, and resembles the birth of the self created sun god.

The sacred bird of Horus, the Hawk, had protective powers, and was frequently linked to loyalty.

Last but not least is the Knoptic vase symbol. Ancient Egyptians used pottery vases for burial purposes, to contain those interior parts of the body which were removed before embalming.

All the above symbols have good payouts when in a winning combination.

The side effects of this slot are stunning, and you are sure to enjoy a fabulous gambling experience.

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