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Why are bonuses offered without wagering requirements?

Casinos today offer different types of bonuses. With the Swedish Gaming Act, which came into force on 1 January 2019, it is important for a casino to stick out a little extra. They can do this by just offering bonuses with no wagering requirements. A bonus at all is positive for both the casino and players. For those who say yes to a bonus, that means you get to play for a little more, or a little longer than you might have otherwise. Today, the most common bonus is the one that comes with a requirement for turnover. But bonuses are sometimes offered with no wagering requirements. In addition to sticking out of the crowd by offering it, it is also a way for the casino in question to attract you as a player to want to create an account with them. They also hope that you will choose to stay with them and play for their own money. A player who is allowed to choose between a bonus with no wagering requirements or a bonus with wagering requirements will most likely choose the one who does not have any requirements. This is to avoid having to think about how many times you have to turn over. The most common form of bonuses that is completely without wagering requirements is free spins.

  • Bonus without wagering requirements attracts players.
  • A casino that offers free casino bonus with no turnover stands out a little extra.
  • Non-turnover bonuses are positive for both players and the casino.
  • A non-turnover bonus can come in the form of money or free spins.
  • With a non-turnover bonus you can request withdrawals whenever you want.

How do I find the best bonus without wagering requirements?

You may be wondering how or where to find a bonus without wagering requirements? Since it is most common with bonuses that have a requirement for turnover, it can feel like a difficult task. But it's not that difficult. Because casinos today want to attract you as a player, they are often more than clear about what they have to offer. Since a bonus with no wagering requirements attracts significantly more than what bonuses that come with requirements do, the casino wants to alert you and other players to this. A hot tip is to read guides and reviews of different casinos here at Here we list what kind of bonus a particular casino has and whether it comes with or without wagering requirements. The most common type of bonus with no wagering requirements is free spins. That's probably because a casino doesn't lose so much to be able to offer it. However, there are those online casinos that also offer a bonus in the form of a welcome pack, where you do not have to turn anything down. Regardless of the form of bonus, there are usually rules and conditions. These should be read through. You then see if there are any requirements for the bonus.

  • Check out our guides and read reviews to find bonuses with no wagering requirements.
  • Free spins are the most common form of bonus without wagering requirements.
  • Deposit bonuses with no wagering requirements can occur.
  • Casinos like to talk about having a bonus with no wagering requirements.
  • Always read the terms and conditions of your bonus.

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