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Casino of the Month




This magnificent Cashville has 2 bonus games, which is the Cashville bonus game and the Gamble bonus game.

You also get a Bonus coin alternative. Once if you get 3 or extra coin signs display on the monitor on some of the 5 reels, then it activates the bonus game.

When the player, play this bonus game, you have to decide which one of the four riches people will help you to win, the Gamble bonus game.

When the player get four Bill Bullion icons on reels 1,2 and 3 in an active row, then those icons complete a 4 Bill Bullion icon, the player then wins an wonderful 200 coins, that you can use to play more.

When the player gets 3 Sir Sterling icons in row then it means the player wins 20 coins, and so all the icons will make money for you. So come play this brilliant game, and get rich today.

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