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Casino of the Month


Big Top


Big Top video slot spells Circus. Circus, with all the side trimmings, the excitement of watching the animals performing their tricks, the funny faced clowns, the real artists on the trapeze, and all the other events taking place at the arena of a circus, promises a good jolly entertaining special when you play this game.

There is also a Ringmaster to guide you through these actions and even a scatter Monkey to take you to bonus games. But there is one difference. You need not to stumble up and down those uncomfortable scaffoldings to find the perfect seat, while you are dragging two kids in the one hand, and try to balance the popcorn and coke of three people in the other. You can now secretly go to the circus and even come back with loads of money.

The graphics of this gambling game is exquisite, and the characters quite cheerful, charming and acting, and that is after all why you want to go to the circus. To be entertained by Microgaming in a Big Top is the ultimate, and if you miss out on this one, you miss out on a gambling experience of a lifetime. The wild icon is the Wild Clown, and he is such an acting clown that he will actually act as any character if you need a symbol to complete a winning combination.

But he is a wily fellow and he won't act as a scatter. You will need the Monkey himself to take you on free spins and bonus games. The jackpot is a good one to go for, as it will entertain you on 8 000 coins. Elephants and seals will take you on an imaginative ride, and the laughing clowns and other typical circus sounds, will add to the joy of this game.

The Ringmaster will have a close look on these events, and having him several times on this 5 reel slot, will add a fancy amount to your total. Enjoy the close to life animation on this fantasy slot, and be as cheerful, charming and acting as the characters you join hands with.

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