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Casino of the Month


Treasure Nile


Treasure Nile is a leading, progressive jackpot game with lots of exciting winning chances. Many Great incentive, featured in this splendidly, created slot game. The software for this game is free. If you decide not to download the software for the game, you can simply select the flash version. This magnificent game is full of excitement and adventure as you search the banks of the Nile for treasures.

One of the many features in Treasure Nile is the Auto play feature. This feature is extremely popular as the machine will play, automatically for a number of spins. After selecting the number of coins and pay lines you can activate the Auto play function by selecting the expert button. You will then be asked to choose between these available options, to best suit your needs.

The Treasure Nile jackpot is an ever growing jackpot. This jackpot, linked to a number of different online casinos, from around the globe. This means that whenever someone plays the game, the jackpot amount increase. The jackpot will only reset, to a fixed amount, once the jackpot paid out. Then it will automatically start progressing again. The jackpot amount can reach well over one million online credits.

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