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Casino of the Month


Mad Hatters


Joint the tea party of the ‘Mad Hatters' and his friends for an outing when you can run 5 reels, and you can chase 30 pay-lines. This is a tea party with a difference, where your interactive judgment can be tested before you can eat your cake and drink your. There are some new and unique features in this game which is a first in online gaming. There are different ways to win on more play-lines, and there can be up-to 50 free spins.

This game is fresh with features like the “Extra Wild” and the “Expanding Wild”! There is a humongous jackpot waiting in the wings. More detail about the winning ways; Chase the “Crazy Cuckoo" to three or more adjacent reels and you can activate the on-screen bonus feature. In this feature five birds can come on-screen where you can select three birds and that increase the stakes to the pay-line rewards. The “Crazy Cuckoo” can give you some solid rewards.

If you can find the rabbit in the magician’s hat, and follow the rabbit on three or more reels to activate the free spin mode, where you can get up-to 50 free spins; the most ever for an on-line video slot. Your total bet can be multiplied by a scatter win. A win while playing free spin, can be multiplied by two.

The brand new feature in this game is “Choose Your Extra Wild”. As a replacement, the “Big Red Hat” can be your most endearing and favored Icon. Soon you will see the Hat’s Iconic powers when substituting other symbols. There is a possibility that the game can create some large awards, including the free spin multiplier and the bonus cherry.

You can win a number of smaller awards as well. We are confident that you can win by placing any bet size within the betting range. Therefore, the Mad Hatters can give you the fun and entertainment that you are searching for.

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