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Carnaval video slot is yet another fun game from the house of Microgaming. Many people believe that the tradition of parading and moving through villages in costumes and masks has African origins. People believed that circling villages could bring good fortune, heal illnesses and move away angry spirits.

When African slaves were taken to America, they also took their traditions there. Now we see Carnaval celebrations all over the world. This jolly slot might just be your good fortune. It has the scatter-, the jackpot winner-, and an extra wild symbol. The Carnaval symbol is the one for the jackpot, and he will pay out 5 000 coins.

The wild symbol has just the letters WILD, and will only appear on reels 2, 3 and 4 for completing a winning combination. The scatter will pay when you have 2 or more on any reels. The Wild and Carnaval symbols will not substitute for the scatter. Other symbols have all the carnival associations, Showgirls, Clowns, and Bugles.

The normal cards 10, J, Q, K and Ace are also present, and will pay between 100 and 150 coins. The cheerful people on parade, and gay music will add to the excitement when you play this 5 reel slot with the 9 paylines.

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