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Casino of the Month


Genies Gems


One of the most enjoyable video slots is most definitely Genies Gems. The game is simple yet very rewarding. The genie from the tales of One Thousand and One Nights, come to life complete with his magic lamp and flying carpet. This slot has only 5 paylines, but 29 winning combinations.

Activate all the lines by betting the maximum of 25 coins every time you spin the 5 reels. Since this video slot has just 9 symbols, they appear often in a winning combination. The Genie with the emerald in his turban is jackpot winning symbol. 5 Of him on the 5th payline, will have the jackpot of 10 000 coins paying out. 4 Will be worth 1 000.

The glittering diamond is the gem to line up, for it is the 2nd highest rated. For 5 of these symbols you can expect a shining 5 000 coins. 4 Of these will pay 500. Be sure to rub the magic lamps when they fill your screen. 2 500 Coins are yours when you line up 5 of them.

The Magic carpet is another symbol of significance. 5 carpets will offer you 1 500 coins. The last of the picture symbols, is the onion-shaped Minaret, and it is valued at 1 000 credits. This slot has no scatter or multiplier symbol, but the high pay rate of the winning combinations is a good substitute. There is also no additional Gamble game.

The last 4 symbols are the normal cards J, Q, K and Ace. Playing this slot is very amusing, and highly recommended.

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