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Casino of the Month


Dolphin Tale


In the Dolphin Tale video slot you are as close to a tale as you would ever be while on an online gambling spree.

The Characters are actually very humoristic, and the names of the places where these underwater cops hang out, are also very original. Let me introduce you to the team. First and most important is Chief Walrus. He looks a bit big for his police uniform, but at least he has a badge and a cap to identify him as the officer commanding. He is on the pay role for 1 000 coins.

He is retiring soon, and therefore he has a rooky, a dolphin, which is in training to become the chief soon. Although this rooky is still a youngster, it will be worth your while to line him up on the winning payline, as he is already on the pay role for 3 000 coins. Merl, the octopus clerk, is third on the ranking order. He earns 500 coins on payday, and in my opinion it is cheap labor. Not even 100 per tentacle! Anyway, while he is multi tasking he might just as well give Lucille, the secretary, a squeeze. She looks so kissable with the red lips and sexy tight fit uniform, and she earns 200 coins.

While the rooky is investigating a crime scene at the Casino Wreck, the rest of the team is sweating at the Police Station. Spy Clam brought some valuable information to the chief, and you have the chance now to help them find the suspect. 3 Clams scattered will activate the Free Spin Selection screen. Identify a suspect and you will be rewarded richly by the chief. He might even take you for a drink to the Shell Motel after work.

But you must be quick, as the team has organized a surprise party for you at the Deep Sea Diner, where you will meet Karl and Louie as well. The Wild symbol of this tale is Extra Wild, and he is also the paymaster of the jackpot of 3 750 coins.

You can win an additional of 75 000 credits in the free spin bonus games, and the opportunity to take home up to 300 000 coins after spending a day with these top rated Force Members. The graphics of this 5 reel slot is beautiful, and the animation during the bonus games is just incredible. There are 40 paylines which give you more winning combinations.

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