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A couple of "hard core" criminals is on the loose. The FBI requested that we informed all of our online gammers. As of this moment, they urgently need your help.

These suspects are heavily armed and dangerous. They should not be provoked. They are on top of the FBI's list, for the most wanted people. The mission is to be top secret. Should any of you, out there be brave enough to support them in this dangerous mission? Please report to the FBI's headquarters, as soon as possible.

The code name for this activity is "Hitman". We appreciate all of our loyal gamers and wish you well on this important mission. If all goes well, you might end up being the winner of an invigorating jackpot prize. The purpose of this action packed game is to eliminate the targets, completely. All of the murder weapons are all provided by the FBI.

There is a wide range of different weapons available. There are Shotguns, Pistols, wire, knives and dangerous poison. Each of the felons has a bounty on his head. If you eliminate the felon, you collect the bounty.

Loads of free spins and lucrative bonuses are available. Hitman is a creatively designed video slot machine game, powered by Microgaming. They are the world leaders in online gaming software.

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