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Casino of the Month


Good To Go


As the checkered flag rise, all the cars get ready for the big race. The splendidly designed graphics and real life sound effects will set you right next to the track.

Feel the excitement as the engines roar before the start of the game. They lower the flag and the game begin. First to cross the finish line, win the shiny Vanderbilt cup.

The first formula one race, where held on the 28th of April 1887. Erto Senna and Allen Prost are some of the big names in formula one racing. This exciting video slot machine game was specially designed in honor of these brave, race car drivers. Feel the adrenaline pumping as you press the spin button and the five reels start spinning.

One by one the icons come to a standstill, across the nine pay lines.

The computer generates the winnings and pay according to that. The speedometer is the scatter icon that brings lucrative bonuses.

The wild blond pit girl is the wild icon and the rewards big. She holds the key to the magnificent jackpot. Play "Good To Go" for hours of action packed adventure.

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