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Casino of the Month


The Adventures of Galactic Gopher


Join the Galactic Gopher on one of his adventures where there can be "Space spinning Sprees" and in addition to that, the 'rocket ranging reels'. You will find this trip to outer space e real wacky adventure with rocketing rodents. You can go Wild with multipliers and let the Scatter Spaceship launch into orbit, where you can take a fast trip around the sun, and you can be rewarded with free spins.

Take a gamble and allow five orbiting reels to choose any of the 30 active pay-lines for a winning series, when exposing the weird and superb outer space with ranging rockets sporty crafts and breathtaking aliens.

In the spaceship ‘Scatter’ you will find The Gopher, who is ‘Wild', with his eyes firmly focused on the galactic horizon where he will observe the free spins and be able to obtain freebies that can re-trigger up to10 times.

Do not be surprised when the Mystery Multiplier Rocket appears on-screen that will allow you to blast off with immense gains. You can take a risk in space to guess the color of the card. The right color guess can double your stakes and the right suit guess can increase your payment 4 times.

Take your next adventures flight into space where you can jet-set your bet, with ‘The adventures of the Galactic Gopher’, for a real smooth ride.

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