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Bars And Stripes


Bars and Stripes video slot gives you endless American pleasure. This online gambling game has climbed the popularity ladder in no time, and it will soon be revealed why.

Whether you are American or not, you will get that same patriotic feeling when the game is started off with the sound of the National Anthem in the background. The Bars and Stripes icon is the wild substitute, and gathering 5 of them on the 25th payline, will win you the jackpot. It will also multiply your wins if in combination with other symbols.

The scatter is the hat of Uncle Sam. Selecting the 3 correct hats, will reward you with 47 000 coins, and that is not even the jackpot! Uncle Sam is the national personification of the US, and the first usage of the term dating from the war of 1812. He is depicted as a serious elderly white man with a goat-like beard, and dressed in the clothing that recalls the design elements of the flag.

This American icon, Uncle Sam, was in fact based on a real man, although a beardless one. A businessman from Troy, New York, Samual Wilson, supplied the army with beef and pork in barrels during the war. These barrels were prominently labeled "U.S", but it was jokingly said that these letters stood for Uncle Sam.

Soon Uncle Sam was used as shorthand for the federal government. Other symbols you will link to the American culture are the famous apple pie, the Statue of Liberty, roasted chicken, football ball, eagle, and of course the Star and Stripes flags.

Typical American music is audible throughout your gameplay, and the colors of the icons are dominated by the colors of the flag. This game is indeed a must to play if you are a fan of video slots.

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